BC Partitions is a stocking distributor for Bobrick Washroom Accessories.  You can purchase the following accessories directly from our warehouse. Click the links for a small image of each item.

B-6806-18 18" Grab Bar
B-6806x36 36" Grab Bar (similar in appearance to 18 inch)
B-6806x42 42" Grab Bar (similar in appearance to 18 inch)
B-165 1836 18x36 Mirror (Channel Frame)
B-165 2436 24x36 Mirror (Channel Frame)
B-290 2436 24x36 Mirror (Welded Frame)
B-262 Paper Towel Dispenser
B-2730 Toilet Tissue Dispenser; single roll
B-2740 Toilet Tissue Dispenser; double roll
B-2888 Toilet Tissue Dispenser; multi roll
B-2111 Soap Dispenser; Surf. Mount, Vertical
B-2112 Soap Dispenser; Surf. Mount; Horizontal
B-822 Soap Dispenser; Lavatory Mounted
B-221 Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser
B-270 Sanitary Napkin Disposal

If you are interested in any of our above stock items, please call a sales representative for pricing.

Should your project require a specific vendor, please note that we also provide and install accessories from the following:

  • American Specialties, Inc.
  • Bradley Corp.
  • Gamco
  • Kimberley-Clark
  • Fort-James
  • GoJo
  • Koala